Google finally updates Gboard with Android tablet layout – Druful

Since I/O 2022, the company has been releasing large-screen-optimizedUIs for its first-party apps. The latest Gboard is rolling out a layout for an Android device that is pretty good out of the gate.

The layout of the Gboard 12.3 makes it feel like a phone keyboard. The background and keys are now more like squares than they are rectangles and therefore easier to tap. The touch targets are narrower in portrait mode.

You have keys for Tab and Caps Lock in the first two rows at the left. The Hide Keyboard button is located in the bottom-right corner, while the Enter pill is on the right. The left and right arrow keys are useful for editing text, and the Period and Comma are to the left of the Space bar.

The microphone button is not right-aligned anymore, and the suggestions strip has been visually changed to allow for one more shortcut.

After years of a phone-firstUI, Gboard has a new layout that is more suited for large screens. It is currently in the alpha channel and will likely see a wider availability in the coming weeks. The keyboard app for foldables was updated by the company in recent months.