Monster Hunter DLC will be free on November 14th – Sonic Frontiers – Druful

Sonic Frontiers isn’t out yet, but it has already made a number of DLC announcements. It has been announced that it will be teaming up with Capcom to offer some Monster Hunter themed DLC for free.

Sonic Frontiers will be released on November 8th, and a themed DLC will be available a week later on November 14th. The collaboration pack will include gear based on the Rathalos and Felyne, as well as a minigame to power Sonic up.

The DLC for Sonic Frontiers is free on November 14th.

The Collaboration Pack will be free after launch on Nov. 8 and will include stylish in-game Monster Hunter equipment.

The Collaboration Pack will be available on Nov. 14 to get some stylish in-game Monster Hunter equipment.

Sonic fans who sign up for the newsletter will receive a pair of shoes based on the ones from Sonic Adventure 2, as well as some of the free DLC already announced for Sonic Frontiers.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now available. The third update in the regular free title updates should be out by the end of November.

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