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Explore. Question. Imagine.
Here, science is a life-changing journey of discovery for everyone


Featured Exhibit:

Superpower Dogs

IMAX® films projected onto a five-story-high domed screen in the Mugar Omni Theater

Omni Films

Featured Film:

Destination Mars

Descent through Jupiter’s atmosphere, surface of an exoplanet, The night sky, velvety black & strewn with stars, in the Charles Hayden Planetarium

Planetarium Shows

Featured Show:

Planet Earth

In 4-D Theater, what’s on the screen is only half the fun. With effects one can feel (and even smell!) this is one giant leap beyond 3-D.

4-D Films

Featured Film:


When it’s presented live, science really comes to life. Each day, there are presentations on all  topics, Although sometimes, an animal steals the show

Live Presentation

Featured Presentation:

Sort it out

Science never stops. And neither does the Museum of Science! Collection of STEM resources designed to bring the Museum to people at the comfort of their home!

MOS at Home

Feature Activity:

Book Club for the Curious

special programs and themed weekends on computer science, nanotechnology, butterflies and caterpillars, or even pi

Public Events

Featured Event:

Subspace After Dark Live!

Imagine music, technology, and performance art all coming together in a super collider! SubSpace, the Museum of Science at its most experimental

Adult Events

Featured Events:

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