Tesla’s fork in the road was made by Hunter Leggitt Studios

Hunter Leggitt made the fork in the road for Burning Man. Gail Alfar reported in her post that Leggitt designed the giant fork art sculpture that was displayed byTesla on the day of the Artificial Intelligence Day.

The artwork, “MetaFork in the Road,” is a 30-foot tall sculpture weighing 4,500 pounds. Gail noted that the steel installation represents the classic metaphor for a deciding moment in life when one has to make a choice.

The sculpture is going to be installed at the Palo Alto office of the electric car maker. Leggitt had a fork at Burning Man. The sculpture is made from hot-Dipped galvanized plate steel.

Leggitt said that the idea to bring the installation to Burning Man was thought of four weeks before the event.

Elon Musk said that he loves the inverse poetry of making metaphors literal. “There’s a giant 30ft (literal) fork in the road outside the Autopilot office in Palo Alto,” he tweeted. Gail noted that the age of transition–the time that we are all living in, can be seen as that giant fork in the road.

“Most people today did not grow up with smartphones, but now we use smartphones every day. We did not grow up with robotaxis, and in the future, they will be commonplace. The same goes for Optimus, none of us consider daily life normal with the robot yet, but one day we may if we choose that path,’ she wrote.